Goat Project

Two Goat Projects were launched by Karma Flights in the villages of Ghorka and Arnakot in 2017. The projects, which will run for two years, aim to support rural families by distributing goats in rural villages. Female goats have been distributed to individual households, and male goats have also been sent to the village for breeding purposes. The male goats are used by the entire village and subsequently their care is a responsibility that is shared by the entire community.

Goat Project Committees have been set up in both villages to monitor the project and to ensure adherence to project rules. Karma Flights is also continuing to monitor the project on a regular basis.

The goats aid villagers in a number of ways. During the two years that the program runs for, no goats or offspring may be sold. After two years, the original goats (or a financial equivalent) are to be returned to Karma Flights and offspring may be sold by the villagers to generate revenue. Female goats supply households with milk and cheese, which may also be sold to provide another source of income. 10% of revenue from any offspring sold is to be donated to the local school, enhancing the quality of education in the village. The goats that are handed back to Karma Flights will be sent to a new village to start the same programme elsewhere. In this way, the Goat Programme supports families by providing a source of income and enhancing the quality of village education.