KarmaFlights is a Nepal-based, non-profit organization. We believe strongly in each child’s immutable right, to a safe and secure learning environment. In a land famous for its towering peaks and tumultuous rivers, the bright young minds of Nepal are its greatest natural resource. Education, is the key to unlocking that vast potential and solving Nepal’s poverty problem.

KarmaFlights was founded in 2011, by a small group of adventure athletes, together with visionary local school teacher, Prem Bahadur Kunwar. We initially came together, with the shared objective of providing a safe home, and educational support, for a group of eight at-risk children. KarmaFlights activity has expanded today to include large-scale emergency disaster relief; long-term kinship and merit scholarships; school, library and computer-lab construction; hydro, solar and road infrastructure support; water, hygiene, livestock, and child-nutrition programs; waste management; earthquake preparedness training; and medical, mental, and dental health camps. These initiatives have saved lives, reduced suffering and extended professional and personal development opportunities to thousands of children.

Despite our growth, we continue to be greatly inspired by our initial small group of scholarship students, where our story first began. These vanguard children, seized the opportunities provided them, and have since developed into professionals in their respective fields, and vibrant leaders in their communities. The current young generation of Nepalis are the bedrock, upon which the health and stability of the entire future nation is rooted.

KarmaFlights believes strongly in developing long-term, trusted networks within each of the communities we partner with. By committing to long-term relationships, we can ensure that projects are tailored to the current needs of the community, with frequent oversight. This allows for a checks-and-balances system of fiscal and program oversight, vital to the success of all humanitarian work. In keeping with this core sense of ethical entrepreneurship, our administrative and overhead costs are kept well below industry average. This is critical to ensuring the maximum impact, of every donor dollar. Your contribution goes directly out into the field where it is needed most, and stays there working for the community. Our team prides itself in maintaining a grass-roots, organizationally-lean approach, to keep operational costs in-line with the highest standard for our industry.

KarmaFlights was founded in Nepal, for Nepal. Our in-country team is on the ground every day, working to ensure the long-term success of our projects. We are highly specialized, with hard-won skill-sets required to meet the complex needs of rural and remote Nepal. These difficult to access villages, typically receive little or no support, from government and non-government entities. We evaluate, target and sustainably support these most-vulnerable forgotten communities.

KarmaFlights commitment to the children of Nepal is long-term. Our goal is to build a minimum of 20 earthquake-resistant schools, 22 libraries, and 2 solar-powered computer labs and offer 300 long-term student scholarships, by the end of 2020.

Be a friend to the children of Nepal; become one of our valued donor partners today!