Kinship Scholarship Program 

Hundreds of children lost one or both parents, in the April and May 2015 Nepal earthquakes. These children are known as “earthquake orphans”. The pain of loss of family is often compounded, by the need to leave school and begin a life of hard labor, to support their own survival. KarmaFlights has developed a unique program to break this cycle, and protect these most vulnerable children.

New School Education

The April 2015 earthquake destroyed 90% of the schools, in the epicentre region of Gorkha district. That amounts to over 500 schools, that urgently need to be rebuilt. KarmaFlights immediate missive, is to help communities back on their feet, by building 20 permanent earthquake-resistant schools. We also wish to provide new and exciting tools, to engage the children in the educational process. 


Earthquake Response

Within 48 hours of the 7.8 richter scale quake, which took the lives of some 9,000 individuals and destroyed over half-a-million homes and schools, our team was on the move to the epicenter. We quickly established a medical triage, care center and urgent-supply distribution hub, serving the immediate needs of these shocked and destroyed communities. KarmaFlights were the first responders to the epicenter area, and remained the only group active on the ground for weeks following the quake.


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