Arnakot Deurali | Secondary School

Maximal concepts is a restaurant group in Hong Kong, more than 200 of our staff are Nepalese, so we have strong ties to the country, and wanted to do more to help support the people of Nepal. In early May, we visited both the Karma Flights office to understand how they operate and to ensure that all funds would be going towards the project. We visited Arnakot, a small village in remote Nepal, to understand the situation with the current school, what the school needs, and how the community can benefit from it. The total cost of constructing a new school building with 6 classrooms is US$96k, of which Maximal Concepts will be attempting to raise $50k through various fundraising initiatives, and the balance of which will be raised by the local village, and local government.

Education is the basic foundation of all society. If we wish to see Nepal flourish and grow into a self sustaining Country we need to help secure proper education for the future leaders of this nation.