We're raising £7,500 to feed school children in impoverished areas of Nepal. Our goal is to provide 56,400 nutrient-rich meals to 4 impoverished villages. These meals help at-risk kids grow, get healthy, and stay in school.

Nepal is one of the most under-nourished countries in the world, with malnutrition effecting every second child. Children in earthquake-impacted areas are especially at risk, as families struggle to rebuild their homes.

Ryan Inglis is a singer/songwriter who hails from England and is now living in Germany. Working with local NGO partner, Karmaflights.org, through their school hot-lunch program, Ryan will personally provide the money for the first 5000 meals (10% of the target). Our goal is to work together with people like you, to raise enough to provide all 188 students with a meal every day for an entire year. 56,400 meals in total!

Program transparency is important to us:
100% of your donation will go towards buying nutritious food, setting up the school kitchen, and creating vital local employment for the program cooks. 100% of your donor money goes directly to those who need it most. Overheads and admin costs are paid out of separate fund, established specifically for this purpose, so that you the donor, know the precise impact of your contribution.

The 4 schools targeted for the "Feed 5000" hot lunch initiative are:
- Bhalam Primary School with 30 children
- Peepaldali Pame School with 54 children
- Bandipur ECD school with 19 children
- Stern Stul School with 85 children 

Offering a daily hot lunch, is often enough of a financial incentive, to encourage parents to send their children to school. This reduces incidences of industrial and agricultural child labor. School lunches increase not only school attendance, but also categorically improve learning. Well-educated children, improve their community's health, safety and productivity. The whole community benefits from a school nutrition program.

The cost of running this program, per month/per child is only $5. This budget includes hiring a school cook for the year. (This job goes to single mother, or member of the community selected as someone, who due to circumstances outside her control, is struggling to provide for her family.)

Your donation is tax deductible, through our partnership with The Cloudbase Foundation. You will receive a tax-deductible receipt, upon completion of your donation.

If you would like to be more involved, please get in touch with Ryan directly, at me@ryaninglis.com. Thank you for your support!

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