Emergency Earthquake Response

In the aftermath of the devastating earthquakes of April and May 2015, KarmaFlights immediately leapt into action. Within 48 hours of the 7.8 richter scale quake, which took the lives of some 9,000 individuals and destroyed over half-a-million homes and schools, our team was on the move to the epicenter. We quickly established a medical triage, care center and urgent-supply distribution hub, serving the immediate needs of the shocked and destroyed communities. KarmaFlights were the first responders to the epicenter area, and remained the only group active on the ground for weeks following the quake.

With your help, we responded to the massive April and May earthquakes in Nepal by jumping into action and making a real difference in the lives of tens-of-thousands of people.

Our Plan & Execution

Basic Needs: We brought approx. 32 tons of food, plus fresh water, shelter, and medical supplies into remote villages by foot, jeep, motorbike, helicopter, and pack animal. We provided nearly 400 temporary shelters for families, hundreds of water filtration systems for safe drinking water, and solar lights/charging stations to villages without power.

Medical Care: We set up a field hospital and served over 300 patients, rebuilt a health post, restocked 4 health posts with medical supplies, and funded additional helicopter or land transport and hospital care/emergency surgery for 14 patients with life-threatening conditions.

Education: We built 7 temporary schools, provided 18 schools with school supplies, and committed to 100 long-term full-scholarships for impoverished children who lost a close family member to the quake. We also distributed warm clothes, blankets, shoes, and earthquake-safety-and-PTSD-recovery coloring books and crayons to over 3000 young students in remote mountain villages.

Rebuilding & Resiliency: We hired a bulldozer to clear trails impacted by landslides; coordinated a large-scale hydro-project which restored clean and sufficient water to a village suffering a cholera outbreak; and funded the epicenter area church (used as our emergency supply-distribution center) to repair their earthquake damage, build a retaining wall against monsoon floods, and employ a full-time nursery school teacher.