Sustainable Safe Construction

One of the primary re-building techniques that became popular in Nepal following the 2015 earthquakes, was a technology called “earth-bagging”. When properly implemented, this earthbag building system is widely considered to be extremely earthquake-resistant, simple, inexpensive, well-insulated and environmentally-sensitive.

KarmaFlights ran a free-to-all workshop beginning in November 2015, the first of its kind in Pokhara, inviting all participants to learn about this unique building technique. This pilot project was implemented on the site of our headquarters, and was to serve as a “hands-on” means of determining if the technique was feasible for wider application, in KarmaFlights larger school re-construction projects in remote villages*.

Have a look to see step-by-step how this unique project unfolded!

The completed Earthbag Community Center is now a flagship example of the earthbag technique, and is open for public viewing. We invite anyone interested in learning about this methodology, to stop by and have a look for themselves. The structure is now primarily used as a nursery and Nepali-language school and meeting venue.

(*The government of Nepal has since approved a limited number of traditional building designs, for school construction, and KarmaFlights had adhered to these regulations for their school rebuilding projects.)